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J.V. «VISMOS» L.L.C is one of the largest and oldest producers in Moldova.

The Integrated Factory was formed as a result of merging 2 wineries that existed up to 1959 independently as the Chisinau Winery and the Bessarabian State Soviet Union Factory of Sparkling Wines. They were incorporated and subsequently named Chisinau Integrated Factory of Sparkling and Fine Wines «VISMOS».

In 2003, as a result of investment inflows of the Russian investor the Trade House «АРОМА», which became the owner of the Factory «VISMOS» in the autumn of 2002, was modernized the production equipment, were reconstructed the production and the auxiliary facilities, was installed new equipment of famous Italian, French and German leading manufacturers of wine equipment, such as, «Cadalpe Spa», «Gruppo Bertolaso Spa», «Vaslin Bucher» and others.

The composition of «VISMOS» includes:

1) The Factory «VISMOS» (Chisinau) - where is carried out the whole technological cycle of the production of wine, brandy and cognac (divin), from the acceptance of wine materials and ending with bottling the finished goods;

2) The Branch «Moscovei» - the primary grapes processing factory with its own resource area (young vineyards) in the village Moscovei, Cahul district;

3) The Branch «Chetrosu» - vineyards in the village Chetrosu, Anenii-Noi district.

J.V. «VISMOS» L.L.C. is located in the industrial zone of Chisinau, at the intersection of the highways connecting the city with all the regions of the Republic of Moldova and other foreign countries. The company's territory crosses the railway line running next to the finished product warehouse.

The distance from the factory to the Chisinau airport is 15 km and the distance to the sea port of Odessa - 180 km.

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